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I'm Winston Struye, a designer with an emphasis on digital platforms and narrative-based thinking.


I'm currently in Graduate School, pursuing an MFA in Design at CCA in San Francisco. Until recently I

was a designer in NYC at places like Investis and Potion, as well as working as a freelance photographer. In addition to design, I like eating pastries, reading about history, and anything to do with the ocean.


Here's a few things I've made. Click on the links to see some digital works, or scroll down to see print work.










I enjoy design largely because I enjoy thinking, and you can see that in writing in case studies and some ideas I've published on my medium. I'm also a sucker for awesome fonts, this one you're looking at is GT Cinetype.



linkedin, twitter, and medium


"Martin Venezky In The Making"

Poster, 2017

"Vote Lab : Designing Democracy"

Poster, 2017

"RAW AND SAVVY : Chris Kraus Conversation"

Poster, 2017


Commissioned by CCA MFA Writing

"Tibor Kalman Article"

Editorial Layout, 2016



"Rapid Craft"

Series of Posters, 2016


Packaging Design, 2017


Commissioned by StirItUp

"Who is the Curator Online?"

Customized posters created by different people using my "Web to Print" project, 2017


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