Visualizing subjective emotions with objective data

There are tons of "waste" in our current society. Trash, energy, and food are the often the first things that come to mind when we think of waste in society. But what about all emotional waste being used up by our phones?

This project created a system of tracking our emotional waste on our phones.

Everyday we spend tons of time scrolling through social media, and then we expel digital metaphors for emotions into a universe of data. On one hand, we are spending that time on social media to be emotional, and are given that emotional release through "likes." However, every-time we give this emotional release of "liking," on the other side of the app, that like is being turned into data.

Are we really ever cognizant that our emotions are being compressed into marketable data?

Every-time we "like" something online, we are compressing an irrational human emotion into a rational piece of marketable data.

This project uses the emoji as a gateway to open people up to this, to make people aware of how technology companies turn our subjective emotions into objective data.

Poster of various emotions

Highlighting the raw space between emotions and data was always how I wanted to tackle this project, but it took some thinking to arrive at using the emoji to do so.

Early experimentation had me using interactivity for the project, but I realized that the idea is conveyed more clearly with pure geometry than with playful interaction.

I abandoned this idea as people were focusing too much on the interaction, not the message. To simplify, I stripped this project to black and white graphics.

They are meant to be appear like a pattern of repeatable data with a human emotion attempting to emerge out of the data.

They were created by starting with a pattern, then creating one "interuption" to that pattern that eventually brings out emotion

Since it was a whole system, I also wanted to create a logo and some identity explorations.

The logotype is meant to convey data that is forming and re-forming itself as well.