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Re-designing web pages with the INVESTIS Design Team

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As a part of the design team at INVESTIS Communications, I was tasked with re-designing the site map and resources and resorts page.

The original page (displayed at left) that needed work was the resources and reports page. Hierarchy was not right, and the links were not visually exciting.

My final redesign of "Resources and Reports," currently live

I designed the pages myself with helpful feedback from the team.

On several client calls I presented my ideas and got no change requests from the clients.

The new pages improved legibility and made it easier to see what was inside the pages themselves. By including a photo from the report itself, it made it more enticing to download the report itself. I also added rules throughout the site to create a better sense of rhythm.

The next page that needed a redesign was the "Site Map" page (original pictured at left.) The client said they wanted more pages to be displayed above the fold, making it easier to see the wide variance of pages on the site.

My final redesign of the "Site Map," currently live

Scrolling down the "Site Map" page

Design by Winston Struye.

Help from the INVESTIS designers Missy Kayko and Daria Kalyta, and Design Director Jennifer Kaminski