A *Post-Digital Magazine devoted to conversations on the changing state of design.

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The Manifesto booklet, which outlines the principles of the project.

Through experimentation in both form and content, QuestionsOn.Design aims to provide insights into what magazines of the future could be while also preserving their historical strengths.

A Post-Digital Magazine displays the same story in multiple mediums, not by repetition, but rather by flexing the form and content to accentuate the strengths of different mediums.

I've designed a manifesto booklet for the project, and carried the content in the magazine across mediums.

This Post-Digital Magazine will investigate what gets lost and what gets gained when content moves across mediums.

After conducting interviews for the magazine myself, I design a system unique to that content.

I'm asking the question - is there another way to show graphic conversations online?

The form and content then gets flexed and molded into different mediums (like posters.)

I believe the time is ripe to push the boundaries of what a magazine can be. Stories should be able to flow across media, taking advantage of each format to promote a deeper engagement with content. This project is a way for explore that belief.

By displaying interviews with designers from different parts of the field, this magazine will be a catalyst for cross-disciplinary conversations.

Historical interviews will be shown along side personally conducted conversations, providing a reference for how our practice has both stayed the same and also changed immensely.

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Currently in-progress, this project is being added to regularly.

Design, development, and content by
Winston Struye.