Spectral Book Covers

Speculative Book Covers

Type is awesome. There are few things that I enjoy more than researching fonts, and sticking them onto a composition. For this assignment I was tasked with laying out a chapter from Raymond Qeuneau’s “Exercises in Style.”

For the final presentation, I created this process book showing how this assignment progressed. Backed by clear acrylic to emphasize how the posters were largely created by transparency and layering, the pages show both finals and draft, and how I connected them.

Although the project was meant to be about adding styles together (combining a poster that feels ambiguous with a separate poster than feels expository), I decided to “bend” the assignment a bit and make it more about subtraction.

Speculative Book Cover One

I began to pick specific design “moves” such as a cutting and building words, and blended that with other design “moves.”

Speculative Book Cover One

The text is about a “spectral” presence, so I tried to embed that same presence into the posters by making the type feel like it could be either coming closer or getting farther away.

Speculative Book Cover Three

The biggest challenge was making the type as expressive to the story as possible, but still making it recognizable letters.

Speculative Book Cover Four

Speculative Book Cover Five

Speculative Book Cover Six

Speculative Book Cover Seven